Vestel D914L Front Load Washer & Dryer 9/6 KG

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The structure of some stains requires different washing patterns. Do not be afraid of tough stains anymore! Thanks to the program level and fence height settings, with 22 different stain functions that determined according to this requirement. Effective on: Creamy, red wine, grass, fruit, tomato, coffee, lipstick, cuffs, scarf, sausage, mud, tea, blood, sauce, deodorant, sweat, baby food, stockings, oil, makeup , Chocolate, mixed stain.


Allergy Expert program, approved by UK's most prestigious allergy institute Allergy UK, provides complete hygiene in the laundry. The program that ideal for sensitive skin, reliably cleans detergent residues and other harmful dirt from your laundry, by special intensive heated rinsing.

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The shortest program ever! It is ideal for clothes “worn once”, which you need in a hurry. The Super Rapid 12 minutes program, available for 2-kilogram washouts.

Washing and Drying in 29 Minutes

Continuously it washes and dries the 0,5 kg weight laundry in 29 minutes.

Super Rapid 12 Minutes

The shortest program ever! It is ideal for clothes “worn once”, which you need in a hurry. The superrapid 12 minutes program, available for 2-kilogram washouts.

Giant Door

Thanks to the giant door models up to 51 cm, you can easily load and unload large volumes of laundry with its wide loading opening.

Allergy Safe Program

The Allergy Expert Program is approved by the UK’s most prestigious allergy agency, Allergy UK. This special program ensures complete hygiene in your laundry.

Special Resistant Coating

The nickel-coated resistance protects the machine against lime formation and provides high performance for many years.

Stain Selection

The Intelligent Door feature of your washing machine ensures that the door can be opened quickly and easily when the washing program is finished or when the machine is on stand-by. With this feature, you can remove your clothes without waiting as soon as the program ends.

Boomerang Body

Special form of Boomerang Body reduces vibration and volume during washing and squeezing.

Pearl Drum

Thanks to the special micro-pierced and pearlshaped drum, your laundry is washed much more precisely and without harm.

Smart Touch Screen

The high-resolution Smart Display technology allows the wash flow to be monitored and access to all functions of the machine.

Load and Detergent Sensor

When the Load Sensor measures the weight of your laundry for ideal washing, the Detergent Sensor recommends the amount of detergent you need. So you save on water, electricity and detergent.

Water Cut Safety System

By detecting the water interruption and allowing the machine to stop the operation, it prevents the breakdowns that may be caused by the interruption. With this feature, when the water flow is reestablished, the machine automatically continues from where it was in operation.

Soak Function

If you do not remove your clothes at the end of the program and do not want them to crease in the machine, use the Soaking Function to prevent them from wrinkling.

Hand Wash 30°C Program

Your sensitive clothing is washed away from wear with low temperature and proper cycle.

Quilt Washing Program

The Quilt Washing program in Vestel Washing Machines offers wash up to 2 kilograms of fiber quilts with a washable label.

Pre-wash Function

Your machine with Pre-wash Function performs prewash before main wash for very dirty laundry.

90°C Program for Whites

The best program for very dirty clothes, cottons and linens. Even when your washing machine is idle, it neutralize the microorganisms that develop over time in the drum and provides hygiene for your machine.

Delay Timer Function

Delay Timer Function schedules your washing machine according to your life. You can set the machine to run at any time. If you wish you can postpone the program, you can run it when you want. So you are not according to your washing machine, he does the program for you.

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Color Grey
Colour White
Loading Type Front Load
Capacity 9Kg/6Kg
Maximum Spin Speed 1400RPM
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