Excellence, understatement, creativity, and restraint: the new Trussardi fragrance possesses and expresses the soul and distinctive traits of the brand it represents that has existed for over a century. It is a homecoming, a return to the city after a long journey full of different experiences and discoveries made during a self-revelatory quest, with new emotional baggage and stories to tell.

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Trussardi My Land expresses the distinctive features and the very heart and sole of the centenary brand that it represents. The name harks back to the feeling of belonging and connection with your own land, expressed in the fragrance’s notes. The powerful woody notes mingle with the leather, bergamot and green mandarin to create an original and vibrant olfactory experience, while the refined lavender notes juxtapose with the unexpected hint of calone on the finish. The designer bottle features a stylish grip detail around the sides in real Italian leather embossed with Trussardi’s elegant emblem.

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