Nikon Forestry Pro II Laser Rangefinder

  • Class 1M Eye Safe Laser
  • 1750-Yard Maximum Metering Range
  • Distance, Angle, Height & Separation
  • First & Distant Target Priority Options
AED 1,999.00
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Building on the success of its predecessor, the Nikon Forestry Pro II Laser Rangefinder and 3-point hypsometer is designed for the forestry industry but can be used in utility and other industrial and commercial applications.

Nikon boosted the effective range to an impressive 1750 yards with a faster return time of just 0.3 seconds regardless of distance and an internal memory log that can store up to 250 measurements for later retrieval. Utilizing an integrated inclinometer and advanced ranging algorithms, the Forestry Pro II offers you an impressive range of measurement options including: Actual linear distance; adjusted range that takes the upward or downward angle to the subject into account; and measuring the height of a subject like a utility pole or tree using two-point or three-point geometry. You can also take spot or 8-second continuous readings with first target and last target priority options. Ranging distance information is shown on both in-view and external LCD displays. The external display is backlit for better readability and is ideal when you need to refer to the measurement while logging information into field journals, tablets, or computers.

Beyond the impressive rangefinding capabilities, the Forestry Pro II employs a 6x21 monocular that ensures you are ranging to the correct subject without adding excessive weight and bulk. With a wide field of view, long eye relief, and anti-reflection multi-coatings, views through the rangefinder are bright and clear with accurate colors and improved contrast and clarity. A broad operating temperature range and water resistance against driving rain allow the Forestry Pro II to keep working even when you want to head inside. Its compact and lightweight design won't weigh you down in the field and can be comfortably worn on your belt or hung around your neck using the included carrying case and neck strap.

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